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Conditions your body to stop snoring!
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SnoreStopper™<br><font size=2><font color=red>Conditions your body to stop snoring!<font/><font/>
Conditions your body to stop snoring!
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Snore Stopper™ is a wrist worn device that monitors snoring. Upon detection of 3 consecutive snores, a smooth skin pulse gently stimulates the user to wake and conditions the body to stop snoring so loved ones can sleep.

Snoring is caused by nerves in the airway becoming relaxed during sleep. When air moves into the airway while breathing, it causes the soft tissues of the throat (tonsils, soft palate & uvula) to vibrate. Snoring is the sound produced from this vibration.
  • Wrist worn biosensor technology detects snoring
  • Smooth skin pulse gently rouses the user without disturbing normal sleep
  • Conditions your body to stop snoring
  • Auto shut-off after 8 hours
Generally snoring can be reduced if the person is given a mild nerve stimulation. Snore Stopper has been developed based on this principle. The Snore Stopper will output a 4 second pulse onto the superficial skin, prompting the user to do one of the following,
  • Change their sleeping position
  • Change the position of their lower jaw
  • Increase the muscle tone of the throat
Snoring has probably plagued you for countless years. With that in mind, do not view Snore Stopper as a miracle drug that will end all snores the first night! Snore Stopper is designed to naturally coach your body to gradually decrease your snoring.
We therefore ask that you use the Snore Stopper on a daily basis according to the instructions. As your body adjusts, you will begin to see significant results after 1-2 weeks. You will soon wake to each day feeling energized and refreshed!

Feature: 800
  • Helps eliminate Sleep Apnea
  • Helps to Stop Snoring
  • Allows your Partner to Sleep Better
  • Makes a GREAT GIFT!
  • 30 day GUARANTEED satisfaction

    • 1 x Snore Stopper
    • 1 x Wristband
    • 1 x Instructions for Use
    • 1 x Tube of conductive gel (15 ml)
    • Requires 1 x AAA battery (not included)
    • Conductive rubber sensors should be kept clean and dry.
    • AAA Battery should be inserted properly and replaced if the status light fails to illuminate or is dim.


    Output Intensity 180uA
    Main Output Form 0.2HZ fixed
    Service Time 8 hours (auto-shutoff)
    Power Supply 1.5v AAA battery
    Operating environment 50°-104°F (10°-40°C)
    Storage environment -4°-122°F (-20°-50°C)
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